The Streetwear Craze Continues With Mulberry’s Fall 2019 Runway Bags

2019 is the time of new Mulberry

Throughout the end of the week, Mulberry appeared its Fall 2019 accumulation, and however it wasn’t very sack driven, the packs that came down the runway furnished us with further understanding into Riccardo Tisci’s new Mulberry. Tisci has kept on making his imprint at Mulberry, and it’s unimaginably obvious with his most recent accumulation for the brand. Tisci has dependably been roused by streetwear, and his fondness towards it was ever-obvious amid his staggering rule at Givenchy.

There were body sacks, cross-body packs, organized packs and logos in abundance. Most curiously, Mulberry’s notable checkered example was perceptibly missing from Tisci’s packs. The best handle day sacks from past accumulations are organized, however smooth, emerging in striped shading blocking. The accumulation likewise included stitched, and finished cowhide fold sacks, total with Mulberry’s new ‘B’ equipment. Different renditions have all the earmarks of being screen printed, decorated with ‘Mulberry’ in enormous, intense lettering.